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20% OFF tickets to Museum of Selfies
Enjoy NEW pop-up Museum in the heart of Hollywood with your friends and family - use promo code HCOC20 to get 20% OFF tickets

At the Museum of Selfies in Hollywood, mind-blowing fully interactive exhibits will make everyone feel like an Instagram celebrity!
- Take a deep dive into the fascinating cultural phenomenon of the selfie -- and, of course, snag a few awesome pics along the way.
- Take a selfie from one of the tallest buildings in Los Angeles -- without breaking a sweat or risking your life!
- Channel your inner vampire and ponder your life without a reflection.
- Thank all of the beautiful people in your life as you accept your first major golden statue.
- And ponder the weight of being a social media celeb as you sit on a throne made entirely of selfie sticks. 

The exhibition also explores social media-inspired art and how the selfie trend developed, as well as some of the psychology behind self-portraiture, both ancient and modern. Perfect for families and influencers alike, the Museum of Selfies will ensure you never see selfies the same way again!

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Offer Valid: December 1, 2018February 28, 2018
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